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Reproductive Technologies and Biobanking for the Conservation of Amphibians

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obrázokdo knižnice batrachológa SILLA, A., KOUBA, A., HEATWOLE, H. ed.

Boca Raton 2022, geb., 248 Seiten, Abb. How to decelerate loss of global biodiversity is one of the greatest challenges of our generation. Reproductive technologies have enormous potential to assist the recovery of species by enhancing reproductive output, facilitating genetic management, and supporting reintroduction of threatened species. Of particular value are cryopreservation technologies coupled with the establishment of global gene banks to conserve, in perpetuity, the remaining extant genetic diversity of threatened amphibians. This book brings together leading experts in the field to provide a comprehensive overview of current best practices, summarise technological advancements, and present a framework for facilitating the integration of reproductive technologies and biobanking into conservation breeding programs for threatened amphibians. It is an invaluable reference for the next generation of conservation practitioners, captive breeding facilities, researchers, and policy-makers involved with biodiversity conservation.

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