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The American Biology Teacher VOL. 84 · NO. 7 | SEPTEMBER 2022

Guest Commentary
James Coleman
The American Biology Teacher 84 (7), 387-388, (12 September 2022)

Combatting Misinformation through Science Communication Training
Jennifer L. Osterhage, Katherine Rogers-Carpenter
The American Biology Teacher 84 (7), 390-395, (12 September 2022)
KEYWORDS: science communication/sci-comm, undergraduate, curriculum, student choice, misinformation

Using Excel Mapper to Design Chromosome Idiograms
Aaron Gálvez Salido, Rafael Navajas-Pérez
The American Biology Teacher 84 (7), 396-398, (12 September 2022)
KEYWORDS: DNA, Protocol, physical map, idiogram, karyotype, evolution

Animal Dissection vs. Non-Animal Teaching Methods: A Systematic Review of Pedagogical Value
Elisabeth Ormandy, Janella C. Schwab, Samantha Suiter, Nicole Green, Janice Oakley, Pamela Osenkowski, Christine Sumner
The American Biology Teacher 84 (7), 399-404, (12 September 2022)
KEYWORDS: alternatives, anatomy education, animal replacement, virtual dissection

The Impact of 5E Instruction while Teaching Molecular Genetics in General Biology
Jorge Andrés Agudo-Ruiz
The American Biology Teacher 84 (7), 405-409, (12 September 2022)
KEYWORDS: science education, BIOLOGY, Active learning, inquiry-based learning, 5E instructional model

From COVID-19 to the Central Dogma: Investigating the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein
George P. McGuire, Camila V. Luna, Erica M. Staehling, M. Elizabeth Stroupe
The American Biology Teacher 84 (7), 410-414, (12 September 2022)
KEYWORDS: SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, COVID, structural biology, virus variants, ChimeraX

Assessing Student Conceptions of Protein Synthesis with a Case Study in CRISPR and De-Extinction
Kadee G. Rutkowske, Jacob N. Willis, Andrea M.-K. Bierema
The American Biology Teacher 84 (7), 415-421, (12 September 2022)
KEYWORDS: CRISPR, de-extinction, DNA, gene editing, mammoth, protein synthesis

A Low-Cost Exercise Relating Glutamate Solubility to pH & Buffering Capacity
Mark A. Schoenbeck, Claudia M. Rauter
The American Biology Teacher 84 (7), 422-425, (12 September 2022)
KEYWORDS: solubility, pH, buffer, introductory biology laboratory, organic functional groups, amino acid

Papers to Podcasts: Curriculum for Developing Scientific Practices in Undergraduates through Annotating Primary Scientific Literature & Creating Podcasts
Ravindra Palavalli-Nettimi, Thomas William Fieldsend, Amy Acosta, Alessandro Catenazzi, Melissa McCartney
The American Biology Teacher 84 (7), 428-437, (12 September 2022)
KEYWORDS: primary scientific literature, science communication, Podcast, project ownership

Analysis of the Protein Content of Nutritional Shakes
Charles E. Deutch
The American Biology Teacher 84 (7), 438-442, (12 September 2022)
KEYWORDS: gel electrophoresis, protein shake, protein composition, spectrophotometric assay

Assessing the Importance of Chemosensory Cues in Web-Building Spiders: An Inquiry-Based Investigation for Secondary Education Students
Alex Collier
The American Biology Teacher 84 (7), 443-446, (12 September 2022)
KEYWORDS: inquiry-based learning, NGSS, chemosensory detection, spiders.

Observing Evolution: Peppered Moths and the Discovery of Parallel Melanism
Mark Terry
The American Biology Teacher 84 (7), 450, (12 September 2022)

The Last Days of the Dinosaurs: An Asteroid, Extinction, and the Beginning of Our World
Robert A. Cooper
The American Biology Teacher 84 (7), 451, (12 September 2022)

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